Pink & yellow

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Multiuse flip flops for any occasion, whether it’s on the beach, at home, on a ship, small boat or on a night out. Minsers has got you covered.

These flip flops are designed in Tarifa, with the amazing white sand and all its kite surfers in mind. The flip flops come in 10 different colour combinations, so you can add colour to your destination!

Enjoy them now!



  • Flop-flops Minsers.
  • Designed in Tarifa (Spain).
  • Made of PVC and rubber.


  • Size 34-35: 234mm.
  • Size 36-37: 247mm.
  • Size 38-39: 260mm.
  • Size 40-41: 273mm.
  • Size 42-43: 286mm.
  • Size 44-45: 300mm.


Shipping to all european countries!


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