Best kitesurfing and surfing spots in Europe

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Best kitesurfing and surfing spots in Europe

Summer is right around the corner and that typically means beautifully warm weather, perfect for catching some waves, right? If you need a little inspiration on where to take to the spray this summer, check out some of our handpicked kitesurfing spots in Europe!


Fistral beach – UK

The first one, facing the west side, is Fistral beach, situated in Newquay in the UK. It’s an excellent fit for all kinds of surfing fanatics. If you’re hungry for some interesting activities, make sure to check the calendar for various surfing events, such as Boardmasters or Night Surf, to have fun spending your time riding the waves and meeting new friends from all over the world!


Ringkøbing Fjord, Denmark

Want to test the new waters, literally? Try kite surfing in the North Sea! Another perfect place for water sports is Ringkøbing Fjord, a lagoon situated on the west coast of Denmark. Connect with nature, concentrate on catching your wave. The safe Ringkøbing Fjord’s environment will let you enjoy the feeling of thrill and reward when you make your move.

Carrapateira, Portugal

The two essential kite surfing elements, strong wind and water, are always on offer in Carrapateira, Portugal. Get ready to use your full skill set while riding those powerful Atlantic waves, which not everyone can tackle. Surrounded by cliffs, this hidden gem is a challenging location for kite surfers and surfers alike, but it’s a fantastic location and you can guarantee that you´ll make friends; it´s a notorious spot for adventure seekers.

De Panne, Belgium

De Panne, located in Belgium, near the border with France, is well known for its wide beaches, where all kinds of active sports lovers practice their skills. If you are a party animal / surfer, this place is your destination! Check out some Sideshore surf club events to meet likeminded people and make lifetime friends. When you feel like venturing away from the ocean, enjoy the nature while hiking the beautiful Nature Reserve of Westhoek.

Biarritz, France

The Europe’s hometown of surfing, Biarritz, located in France and sheltered from the Northern winds, is considered to be a must visit for all surfing lovers. If you´re a novice, then it’s a great place to catch your first wave! For newbies, we strongly recommend signing up to the surfing school, where qualified professionals will help you to have a lifetime experience and develop your passion.

Tarifa, Spain

And finally, we land home in Spain, the water sport lover´s paradise, Tarifa. Crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches as well as the strong wind from the Atlantic is considered to be the mecca for kite surfers. Here you will find some amazing beaches (which continue for 20 km) with loads of spots for learning and practicing kitesurfing. After the session, grab lunch and chill with your friends at one of the restaurants near the coast. Since there is a greater chance of rain, we wouldn’t recommend going from November to February. The other months, especially from June to August, have more pleasant conditions like warmer water temperatures and more to do in the town and local area.

Now it’s time to pick a spot! Get in the vacation mood – pack your Minsers, wetsuits and kiteboards, because we’re going on a trip!


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